Feb. 10, 2017

Snow to My Flames

Today is a day I need you.

I need you to diffuse me the way I know you'll know how to.

I'm too lit.

Too on fire.

Too overly-passionate, the way I can get sometimes.

And I know you understand that it's actually--in fact--strength for me to admit this.

It's strength for me to say that my passion needs to be tempered.

Because you know how desperately I hate for my fires to be put out.

So it's a tough thing for me to ask for your help.

But I need your cool to my hot.

I need you to bring me back down.

I need you to smooth me out.

I need your steady ice to my veins.

Make me steady again.

I know you can handle the boiling heat.

You're not afraid of it.

You were born to cool;

snow to my flames.

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Posted in: Our Adventures

Tagged: Poetry

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