Nov. 10, 2016

Tuscan Hill Space

It has been our greatest honor, joy and privilege to share OUR space, Tuscan Hill.

Who doesn’t love to move into a new place and start to furnish, arrange, paint the space and decorate to please yourself and to ensure the space represents well your creative genius? Who doesn’t love to walk into a hotel lobby and peruse the floor plan, the furnishings, the coordinating colors, and try out every chair, bar stool, sofa and bench? Who doesn’t love to be invited to a wedding or other social event and assess how the space is being utilized and conjecture how you would use it were it your event? Okay. Maybe not everyone. But that is what we love to do. We love seeing others’ spaces, whether home, venue or a quaint boutique hotel, however, it has been our greatest honor, joy and privilege to share OUR space, Tuscan Hill.  

That’s where it all began as you know from reading The Journey. To learn more about our space, visit us on our website or on Facebook.

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Tagged: Wedding Venues

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LondonHouse Chicago

With rumors of one of the most exclusive rooftops in the city, along with a name that’s drawing curious visitors, the LondonHouse wins in every way in terms of “vibrant space.” LondonHouse Chicago, a luxury riverfront hotel, is accomplishing something that’s extremely hard to do. It’s a large hotel, that has curated a completely boutique feel. Finished this past Spring, 2016, every single detail continues a pattern that exudes chic and cozy.

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St. Louis Union Station Hotel

At the turn of the 19th century, Union Station was the world’s largest and busiest train station. As you walk inside from the front entrance, you’re greeted by a double-sided staircase, leading to the floor of the Grand Hall. This is likely, hands down, one of the most ornate hotel entrances you’ll ever experienced, so just don’t trip while you’re looking up. The intricate, massive ceiling of the Grand Hall in St. Louis’s famous Union Station, was once the pinnacle of opulence. Built in 1894, it speaks of the grandeur of an era passed.

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Hotel Vandivort’s rich history and a rich interior are drawing both travellers and locals through it’s doors, and stunning both every time. As the first boutique hotel in Springfield, Missouri, it lives up to the hope of its name. The detail in the lobby alone is art itself. A blend of wood, stone, and metal is balanced by pops of gray, teal, and green as well as brown and black leather. Pieces of art are hung above couches, a glass fireplace is warmly lit, and pillows abound. The hotel is opulent in the coziest way.