Nov. 12, 2016

The Adventure Begins, Part 10 of 13

I remember the day my mom asked me what I thought about trying this new thing. I was so excited to be in on a bigger-sized business decision. The ideas we exchanged back and forth (not a new thing, but different) were life-giving and raw creativity like I hadn’t experienced before.

In hindsight, we agree that it was at that moment we became partners.

My new role put me on the front line once again. After a bride booked her wedding at Tuscan Hill, her very next meeting would be with me. I would go over our vendor partners, why we trusted them, and how to contact them. Kim, our wedding coordinating vendor, would also sit in on the meeting. We would ask the bride about her vision for the day and if she had begun thinking about a plan of execution. Answers varied, some so much that we anxiously scribbled notes to discuss with the team as to whether these elaborate ideas would work.

People can tell you all about their significant other, but there’s nothing like seeing their dynamic together. The yin and yang, the ebb and flow.

It was so interesting getting to sit and talk (of course) because in most cases we would visit for at least 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes two. Each couple was so unique. I love watching how relationships work in real time. People can tell you all about their significant other, but there’s nothing like seeing their dynamic together. The yin and yang, the ebb and flow. Meeting with couples helped me understand their needs and wants, and I was better able to convey that information to our staff.

It made the wedding day go a little smoother by having some “inside” knowledge. Like which person is their “go-to” friend for help, the fact that the linens are from their grandma’s stash (so don’t bag those up at the end of the night), that their parents are separated, or that their families have never met.

Some wedding days, no matter how fun they seem, or how lovely they appear, can be extremely challenging for people. With our primary mission to cover all guests with warmth and hospitality, we were able to surround families and their stories with kindness.

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