Nov. 14, 2016

The Adventure Begins, Part 12 of 13

Finding the best of space and taste became our new mission. And our new question became how do we define “good” space?

We found ourselves loving two kinds of space.

The first: stand-alone venues, meaning spaces that are not attached to large establishments like government buildings or universities. We are intrigued with unique venue space re-imagined -- restored barns, firehouses, art galleries, farms and greenhouses, castles and mansions, and downtown lofts.

The second: hotels, namely boutique hotels. Boutique hotels are able to accomplish the same kind of feeling, ambiance and experience as stand-alone venues. Although some are built from the ground up, more often, boutique hotels are restored buildings like banks, train stations, warehouses and theaters. Restoring what was there along with creating brand new elements, breaks away from the cookie cutter style of large chain hotels. Boutique hotels only exist in one place; unique space reimagined once again.

As I’ve mentioned, I believe great space always serves great food; and boutique hotels are no exception. In fact, some of the best restaurants in the country make their home in boutique hotels.

As we continued traveling, we realized that we weren’t really just vacationing, we were constantly finding noteworthy space and taste.

Space was being analyzed, chairs and couches were being tested, local restaurants were being discovered.
I really don’t think we knew we were practicing for our future. Not for a long time.

I really don’t think we knew we were practicing for our future. Not for a long time.

During the majority of our time at Tuscan Hill, I was completing a degree program. I changed my degree three times (who can decide at 18? Not me) and the final choice was journalism. I didn’t have a plan, per se, for how I would use my degree once I graduated. But when it came down to my last year in school, my practice at finding spaces and their accompanying tastes had piled up, experience upon experience, and I felt like it had become a second part time job (with no pay).

The vision sharpened and we allowed the “collision and meshing of dreams” to pull us effortlessly forward.

We started to plan.

We started to create.

And I realized I had practiced for my future in another way too.

I had already watched someone, up close, put a business together from nothing.

And this time--together--it began again.
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