Nov. 15, 2016

The Adventure Begins, Part 13 of 13

Watching a business materialize from just a seed of an idea, learning to be an employee, learning hospitality, learning to view space differently, teaching myself about food, and the two of us travelling so much, brought us to an intersecting point in time. We had to choose between building our new vision or continuing to build Tuscan Hill. Sometimes it’s more powerful to let go, and give something new a breath of life, than it is to hold on to the old.

We chose ever so slowly to let go of Tuscan Hill. But instead of just moving on, we are searching patiently for someone who can take over the venue with the very same vision and mission of hospitality that we fostered here.

Our leaving isn’t with haste, it’s gently, with hearts full of love and appreciation from our growth and experiences.

But to ignore where our hearts are shifting, would be foolish. Our new mission is to breathe life into hosting hospitality on a more massive scale.

We’re completely moving forward, theoretical boats drifting further and further away from such a familiar shore.
So here’s a synopsis of what we have been diligently pursuing -- finding great space and taste and telling the nation about it.

So here’s a synopsis of what we have been diligently pursuing --  

finding great space and taste and telling the nation about it.

And not just a few spaces here and there. All spaces that fit our stamp of “uniqueness.” If you belong to a country club or attend a church, you know about those spaces. We all drive by the hotel chains that offer small to large ballrooms. No one needs help identifying those spaces.

We want to bring you the fabulous, unique spaces in your community that you could miss.

We want to expand your search for venue space and show you that your community is not as limited as you might think.

We want to show you spaces that can spark your creativity and brilliant, inventive imagination for your event.

We want to give you venue space options that are completely diverse--celebrating the same wonderful diversity found in each person.

It’ll be a process, but we’ve become great travel partners.  We know how to hunt for great space and taste, how to study both from client and owner perspectives, and how to share it with you.

We invite you to join us.

Welcome to Vibrant Space.

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